Uncharted (2022)

Watch Uncharted 2022 Movie levidia online full free for streaming in HD print without any cost. It is a pity, therefore, that the script does not transfer even a drop of charisma to the characters. The presentation of both protagonists is not terrible, it shows elements of personality, but this is diluted during the next forty minutes. And it is that those two characters: Nathan Drake and Victor Sulliban , become clowns. Fifty minutes of pranks, lame jokes, and moments of embarrassing wit are overkill. It would already be for half of that time, even for a third; What’s more, let’s imagine for a moment a world in which blockbusters are funny, it would be beautiful.

Uncharted , however, doesn’t have it. And not only does he not get too many laughs, but he dedicates so much effort to showing his meager wit in the dialogues that he forgets, along the way, to write the characters so that we care. Many of those same jokes, with constructed characters, could work just by knowing said heroes. Something that, by the way, is what the video games on which it is based did. Sometimes it’s not about the quality of the joke, but that you care about and value the joke teller.

As an adaptation, I will not be the one to defend the narrative or the characters of the video games of the Uncharted saga . As video games, they worked because of their creators’ almost obscene obsession with detail, because of the construction of spectacular playable scenes and because of those animations and graphics that, two generational jumps ahead, still impact —that building under the siege of that helicopter; and he who understood: he understood. As a narrative exercise, except for details of the fourth installment, the Uncharted saga in video games has never been characterized by offering too much depth, because it didn’t need it. The film adaptation of Uncharted wants to maintain this and does so through a strange system. Watch more Levidia Action movies full for streaming in HD print.

Movie Overview

Title: Uncharted (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Adventure
Directors: Ruben Fleischer
Writer: Rafe Judkins, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway
Stars: Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Banderas