The Exorcism of God (2022)

Watch The Exorcism of God 2022 Movie free online on levidia website in full HD print without any cost. One of the most successful points of the somewhat linear script is the possession of the one who is dedicated to extracting the demons from others. Kind of like the hunted hunter. It’s not like it’s something from the other Thursday either, but at least it manages to capture our attention, which, on the other hand, ends up being diluted in the general plot. Exploiting this to the fullest would have achieved what horror-loving viewers long for, to be scared. Instead, an easy scare is chosen that can be effective at some point, but by generalizing it, it makes us take everything as a joke.

Many times we have commented that shooting a horror film that provokes laughter brings it closer to comedy. I don’t think this was the general idea in the conception of The Exorcism of God, with which everything falls like a house of cards.

Just as we have sometimes praised the risk of certain cinematographic bets, however crazy they may be, now we have to be a little tougher and criticize the little daring of this film. Throw a lot of easy resource, also with little consistency. Watch more Levidia Horror Movies online full streaming unlimited without any cost.

Movie Overview

Title: The Exorcism of God (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Horror
Directors: Alejandro Hidalgo
Writer: Santiago Fernández Calvete, Alejandro Hidalgo
Stars: María Gabriela de Faría, Joseph Marcell, Will Beinbrink