The Devil You Know (2022)

Watch The Devil You Know 2022 Movie levidia online full streaming free in HD print without any membership. A long while back, when Omar Epps (“This Is Us”) was featuring in “Against The Ropes” with Meg Ryan, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Epps. The meeting was set up for following a work day, however time elapsed and soon it was 12 PM. I surrendered trust. The telephone rang and here it was Omar Epps, simply home from a long work day but he gave his assertion he would do the meeting and there he was. He talked for nearly 60 minutes and I generally recall his readiness to examine acting.

In this way, here it is, years after the fact, and Omar Epps has another film out concerning, not boxing, however family ties. Do they fix or relax where there is an issue inside and there comes a moment that families might even self-destruct. Epps plays Marcus, an ex-con who is attempting to assemble his life. Likewise in the cast are Glynn Thurman and Michael Ealy.

There are really two stories in this film. In the first place, we start with Marcus Cowans, barely out of jail This can represent the deciding moment a man and Marcus needs to make a new beginning. His Dad figured out how to find Marcus a line of work as a transport driver. Mother chose to pick a sweetheart for himself and set up a prearranged meet-up with an attendant. Things are moving along pleasantly and Marcus is starting to feel better about himself. Afterward, in one more area of the city, is a veiled home interruption/theft in which a couple are killed and their child seriously injured. Michael Ealy is the nearly resigned criminal investigator who assumes control over the case. In the end, the path starts to lead toward Marcus and potentially relatives. Something important was taken during the theft and who has it now? Enter Theo Ross. Watch more Levi dia movies free online streaming within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: The Devil You Know (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Directors: Charles Murray
Writer: Charles Murray
Stars: William Catlett, Vaughn W. Hebron, Michael Beach