The Batman (2022)

The Batman 2022 Movie free streaming online on levidia website in full HD quality without any cost. We all know the myth of Batman. His origins, the characters that surround him, the most iconic villains… and the city where it all takes place. Gotham is the pit of decadence, a dark corner where corruption, commercialism and crime are the order of the day.

In The Batman you breathe that danger, that terrible feeling that everything is rotten. The atmosphere of the film grabs you and doesn’t let go; Gotham is the protagonist, it feels like a living city, with very well-cared-for areas that leave a spectacular backdrop. Through the streets of the city walks Batman , a Bruce Wayne more thirsty for revenge than ever. His youth, his anger and his ruthlessness fit perfectly with the atmosphere of Gotham , oppressive, like a powder keg that is going to explode.

In fact, Pattinson ‘s Batman , with his aesthetics in general and makeup in particular, have earned a place in my heart. The expressiveness of the actor with the mask on, just with his eyes, is impressive and demonstrates both a good job of directing, planning, directing actors and a great acting class. Watch more Levidia free movies online streaming here.

Movie Overview

Title: The Batman (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Crime, Drama
Directors: Matt Reeves
Writer: Matt Reeves, Peter Craig, Bill Finger
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Zoƫ Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright