The 355 (2022)

Watch The 355 2022 Movie free levidia online streaming in full HD 720p rip without any cost. The 355 wants to position itself tonally between Bond and Bourne. And in terms of staging, it’s also easy to see who the role models are here. The staging is partly really well done. Especially in the second third there are some action scenes that don’t quite move on Bourne level, but manage to use a lot of cuts skilfully without letting them degenerate into an indiscriminate cut massacre. However, it should be noted that especially at the beginning of the film, a lot of things look intended but not skillfully. A strange mix of disorienting shaky camera scenes and scenes, especially pursuit sequences, emerge that are strangely sluggish, almost seeming to be on rails, so that one finds the two extremes of failed dynamics. Despite this, the solid action prevails and there are some scenes that are really enjoyable.

These scenes are countered by a ridiculous story, which is at best functional in the middle part and really bad at the beginning and end. The exposition in particular is terribly chaotic and none of the characters manages to introduce them properly. In the course of the film, The 355 “helps itself” to catch up with an excess of exposition dialogues. What is actually to be thought is constantly said, which sometimes leads to horrific dialogues. But not only the dialogues are ridiculous, but also the depiction of the actual danger of cyberterrorism. Hacking and basic software operation ticks all the boxes, which combined with characters constantly throwing around random IT terms while delving into the code, makes it hard to stomach. Watch more Levidia Action movies online streaning free within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: The 355 (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Directors: Simon Kinberg
Writer: Theresa Rebeck, Simon Kinberg
Stars: Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan