Riders of Justice (2021)

Watch Riders of Justice 2021 levidia Movie online full free streaming in 720p HD cinema quality without any cost or membership. Riders of justice is also included in this section, which includes an overview of outstanding non-competitive titles. From Denmark also comes Shorta (Frederik Louis Hviid, Anders Ølholm, 2020), a forceful police thriller that does not seem like a debut, and that knows how to intelligently handle the times, with constant tension. Being a feature film debutant does not mean having no experience, because Frederik Louis Hviid has worked as an assistant director on the acclaimed Danish series Something to Believe in(DR, 2017-), along with actor Simon Sears, one of the protagonists of this film. From the first scene the cards are put on the table: a young African is held by two policemen on the ground while screaming that he cannot breathe. This direct reference to the George Floyd case in the United States becomes the main axis on which the story unfolds when two policemen, amid growing racial tension, sneak into the slum of Svalegården, an invented location but which It is reminiscent of the controversial ghetto of Mjølnerparken, on the outskirts of Copenhagen. The word “shorta” means “policeman” in Arabic.

The two main police officers represent two archetypes that somehow will gradually deconstruct. The directors turn the neighborhood into a kind of death trap that ends up also being a catharsis for each of the characters. Especially the one played by Jacob Lohman, who has an obvious racist attitude. But we will also discover the real reason why the two have been appointed together to patrol the streets on an especially tense day, as the young African struggles between life and death in the hospital, and his death can cause an outbreak of violence (other) in the city. Although the film has a clear influence of North American cinema in its aesthetics, in this splendid work of photography that has clear references from Heat(Michael Mann, 1995), with some well-shot action sequences, the interest is more in the psychological portrait of the characters and marginality, closer in this sense to Hate (Mathieu Kassovitz, 1995) . And little by little they are shedding (and we are shedding the viewers) of that envelope of the archetype, of the good and the bad, and of the hunter who ends up being hunted. It is a powerful, intelligent and thoughtful film, despite its genre cinema aspect. Watch more levidia movies streaming unlimited full free without any cost.

Movie Overview

Title: Riders of Justice (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Comedy, Drama
Directors: Anders Thomas Jensen
Writer: Nikolaj Arcel, Anders Thomas Jensen
Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Andrea Heick Gadeberg