Respect (2021)

Watch Respect 2021 Movie full free streaming online on levidia website in HD 1080p video quality without any membership. Respect is a biopic devoted to the queen of soul , Aretha Franklin (do not hesitate to consult the very complete Wikipedia page of the artist). The film’s release has been delayed due to the SARS-Cov2 pandemic. Aretha Franklin (1952-2018) was involved in this project for a long time. The film was directed by South African Liesl Tommy, whose first feature film is.

Aretha is played by two actresses, Skye Dakota Turner (born 2008 and 11 at the time of filming) as a child while singer and actress Jennifer Hudson brings her to life as an adult. It was Aretha herself who had chosen her to play her role. Since Jennifer was born in 1981, her acting lacks credibility when her character is 18. And if we are used to discovering adults playing teenagers, they are still “juvenile” (thus, among many examples, Ker Smith in his interpretation of Jack McPhee in the series Dawson’s Creek ) it is not the case here and it is thus necessary to act “as if”, as for her father played by Forest Whitaker who does not seem to really age.

The biopic is quite classic and gives the impression of being faithful insofar as it does not evacuate the gray areas of the famous singer and her entourage. The title of the film is that of the eponymous song which “ became in 1967 a feminist hymn and the symbol of the struggle of the African-American community for its freedom. Those who know Aretha well will be in known territory. Soul fans will be delighted, while those who are not will discover this and other musical genres: jazz, gospel and rhythm and blues (but it is likely that those who do not fall in love may find the film of almost 2:30 a little too long). At the end of a twenty-year journey, namely the life of Aretha from 1952 to 1972, the film ends with its more famous album.Amazing Grace and the equally famous namesake song. Watch more Levidia Drama Movies free online here within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: Respect (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Biography, Drama, Music
Directors: Liesl Tommy
Writer: Tracey Scott Wilson, Callie Khouri
Stars: Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans