Prisoner of Love (2022)

Watch Prisoner of Love 2022 Movie levidia online full free streaming in HD print within a click. The film begins with a lady in a semi-formal dress getting on to a personal luxury plane. She is seized while cleaning up in the restroom. Glimmer to Connecticut; Sarah and her little girl Carly, are a mother/little girl home style group. They miss out on a customer in the neighborhood from the domineering Amanda James. It appears as though she was lying though, so the mother and little girl team visit the new man in his house.

He offers the women a beverage as they make their pitch and in the end employs them for the gig. The man checks out Carly and welcomes her to have a beverage and supper with him. Carly returns home from a night out and is assaulted in her home. The covered attacker tears her “Carly” neckband off her body and runs out. Carly calls her beau, Ben, to educate him regarding the taken accessory. He feels undermined via Carly working for a studly more seasoned man, so she says a final farewell to him.

While out for a young lady’s night with Mel, Carly runs into her attractive customer, Kyle. Mel plays with Kyle’s companion Brent and is obvious to let the men know that she is 18. Kyle offers the young ladies a ride home, yet they decay. Then, at that point, one of their associates, Laura, is hit by a vehicle outside of the structure. Carly thinks the expected objective was her.

The next day, Carly sees Kyle at work and attempts to maintain their mystery being a tease from her mom, who is additionally dealing with a similar task and absolutely unaware. Kyle even requests that Carly move in with him and afterward wine and feasts her at an extravagant eatery. He gifts her a dress and requests she change in the cafĂ©’s washroom. Watch more Levidia 2022 Movies online free streaming without any cost.

Movie Overview

Title: Prisoner of Love (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Directors: Lindsay Hartley
Writer: Casey Bose, Dave Hickey
Stars: Katie Kelly, James Hyde, Tiffany Montgomery