Moon Knight (2022)

Watch Moon Knight 2022 TV Series free online for streaming on levidia website in full HD print without any membership. Steven Grant is a timid employee of the National Gallery in London. Although he knows a lot about Egyptology, he works in the gift shop, where he is kept down by his pedantic boss Donna. Steven has no friends and only calls his mother now and then. Even on a date, he can’t make it on time, because Steven has a problem: he can’t fall asleep.

At night, Steven chains himself to his bed and tries to stay awake. He tapes his door and scatters sand around his bed to make sure he hasn’t started sleepwalking the next day. Steven misses hours in his life. He also wakes up in places without knowing how he got there. Gradually he descends into madness.

It’s always nice when a lesser-known superhero is brought to the fore – look at the groundbreaking Legion , for example – but if it’s done in Moon Knight ‘s half-baked way , Marvel isn’t doing anyone a favor with it. Thanks to action and humor, the series occasionally evokes the Marvel feeling, but is otherwise a mess of perspectives and locations and is full of characters that do not convince. What also doesn’t help is that Khonshu – who for some reason walks around with a bird’s skeleton head floating above his neck – is more laughable than horrifying. The special effects are also not of the level we expect from Marvel. Watch more Levidia TV Series free online unlimited within a click.

Moon Knight TV Series Overview

Title: Moon Knight (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Adventure, Drama
Directors: Doug Moench
Writer: Doug Moench
Stars: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy