Don’t Look Up (2021)

Watch Don’t Look Up 2021 Movie levidia online full free online streaming without any membership. Don’t Look Up (Don’t Look Up) has come at a time when the parallels between today’s society and what we see in Adam McKay’s new satireare clear. The film’s speech revolves, for the most part, on denialism and the idiocy of many in the face of a catastrophe. In this case, the threat is a nine-kilometer asteroid discovered by a couple of scientists that hardly anyone takes too seriously.

Starting from here, the director warns us of the danger of continuing to ignore the real problems of our planet. We see how politicians are only interested in their position of power and how, together with the media and a large part of the population, they do not give importance to the two scientists. In this way, the director once again emphasizes, as he did with The Vice of Power or The Great Bet , on political and social criticism.

Although this time it is not just a message that can be applied to American society. Here he addresses everyone directly. It does so, asteroid by means, putting on the table the big problems that we have on our noses, such as the climate crisis and the obligation to listen to the warnings of the scientific community. Watch more levidia movies online streaming in HD rip.

Movie Overview

Title: Don’t Look Up (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Directors: Adam McKay
Writer: Adam McKay, David Sirota
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep