Cruella (2021)

Watch Cruella 2021 Movie free streaming online in full HD cinema quality on levidia website without any cost. Cruella (2021), a new Disney production directed by Craig Gillespie, reverts to the classic evil character from the children’s story and tells his origins. Brilliant performances by Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. The film also features a large selection of Anglo-Saxon rock hits.

The film is also an adventure comedy with some action scenes, but its format is one of those possible within superhero stories. The film begins told in the first person by the protagonist, whose birth name was Estella. As a child she already showed signs of her double personality, a feature that is accentuated by the physical characteristics of her hair, half black and half white.

In fact, throughout his story the character will be governed by his two possible moods, because, in addition, what Estella or Cruella is looking for is a definitive identity. The tragic death of her mother results in the girl growing up alone with two friends, with whom as young people, and together with a group of puppy dogs, they form a small gang of pickpockets. The characters Jasper (Joel Fry) and Horace (Paul Walter Hauser) are two good thieves, built with the naive air that always characterized Disney. Watch more free Levidia Comedy Movies full in HD quality.

Movie Overview

Title: Cruella (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Comedy, Crime
Directors: Craig Gillespie
Writer: Dana Fox, Tony McNamara, Aline Brosh McKenna
Stars: Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry